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Philosophies and Capabilities

ODG’s Philosophy and Capabilities

Organic Defoamer Group works with all the chemistries to produce antifoams and defoamers at competitive prices.  However, our strength is to custom formulate products that provide superior foam control and lower operating costs. 

ODG will formulate a product for your process by working with you to understand your unique requirements.  ODG will review previous chemistries evaluated, physical and chemical characteristics of your process, and your regulatory requirements.   

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Organic Defoamer Group, ODG:
Antifoams, Defoamers and Specialty Chemicals

Organic Defoamer Group (ODG) is a leading provider of antifoams, defoamers and other specialty chemicals for a variety of markets.  ODG partners with our customers to provide solutions to their processing needs.  Our goal is to lower your operating costs though specifying the best product and dosing it in the most effective way.  

ODG believes in custom tailoring products for our customer’s specific systems.  Through our knowledge of foam control chemistries and intensive on-site testing, ODG finds the best defoamer formulation for your system.  We do not limit ourselves to off the shelf products.   Through defoamer testing, we custom formulate and then test against ourselves so our customers get the optimal performance.  

From apple washing to zinc mining, Organic Defoamer Group has the chemistry to optimize your process.  

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ODG’s Philosophy and Capabilities: Excellence in Defoamer Testing

We perform defoamer testing using multiple apparatus to mimic the causes of foam in your system.  Through recirculation, diffused air flow, mechanical agitation or chemical reaction we generate foam in our test equipment.  Once we establish the most applicable test method and sample point in your system, we screen products for “knock down” (how quickly foam is dismantled) and “suppression” (how long before foam returns).  The optimum products excel in both functions.  Our thorough defoamer testing process allows us to create the best possible custom product for your system.  

Organic Defoamer Group manufactures and warehouses products in multiple locations.  Our ability to create products in multiple locations aids in the security of supply and can benefit our customers’ logistics needs.  Our manufacturing sites:

  • Illinois
  • Georgia
  • California
  • France