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Philosophies and Capabilities

ODG’s Philosophy and Capabilities

Organic Defoamer Group works with all the chemistries to produce antifoams and defoamers at competitive prices.  However, our strength is to custom formulate products that provide superior foam control and lower operating costs. 

ODG will formulate a product for your process by working with you to understand your unique requirements.  ODG will review previous chemistries evaluated, physical and chemical characteristics of your process, and your regulatory requirements.   

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About Organic Defoamer Group

The people of ODG have decades of experience serving the chemical needs of our customers.  ODG is the newest venture from the people who founded KABO Chemicals and KABO Mining Technology in Cheyenne, WY.  With ODG we hope to continue our philosophy of customer focused defoamer and specialty chemical service. 

ODG has made a commitment to our customers:

All ingredients in the products we promote  and recommend will meet or exceed your quality expectations and are in compliance with a permissive, FDA Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Parts 172, 173, 182, and 184, or consistent with limitation in part 173.340, or consistent with an approved food contact notification, GRAS notification or valid prior sanction.  ODG products are Kosher administrated by the Scroll K. 

In pursuing our commitment, we have worked with multiple industry, trade and regulatory groups to advance the cause of and technology of defoamers.  Past work with groups like the Enzyme Technical Association, the Sugar Process Research Institute and others have helped to clarify the role of defoamers and their use in many industries.  ODG has even submitted to a third party FDA/cGMP audit to demonstrate our commitment to quality and compliance.  Currently we are working with the DEFOAMER INDUSTRY TRADE ASSOCIATION (DITA) to further advance the cause of defoamers.  

DITA and Its function:

DITA was formed in 2006 and since that time has focused on fulfilling its vision of being a world-class trade association that promotes defoamer industry growth in a global economy while providing outstanding industry representation and service to its members.  The DITA website, www.defoamerassociation.org, contains summaries of DITA accomplishments and ongoing programs.  

In our efforts to create value for our members, the association has been diligent in using our resources to fulfill our mission.  Here are some examples of projects and initiatives we have sponsored:

  • In our effort to function as a focal point for bringing clarity to issues facing the industry, DITA’s staff has routinely tracked key global regulatory and legislative developments, providing timely notices and informational summaries on a wide range of issues.
    • This exchange is accomplished by email alerts, quarterly newsletters and in-depth presentations by staff and/or guest speakers at each of the association’s bi-annual board of directors meetings.  
    • The issues addressed have included:
      • OSHA GHS
      • FDA Food Contact Notification program
      • EPA TSCA reform proposals
      • California DTSC’s “Safe Alternative Chemistry” Initiative
      • EU REACH
      • Canadian “Batch Challenge Lists”
      • OECD’s nanotechnology program
        • On behalf of its members, the association has been working with other associations and stakeholders to submitted comments to California’s DTSC on “Straw Proposal for Safer Alternatives Regulation).  DITA participates as a member of the Green Chemistry Alliance.
        • In support of continued funding for FDA’s FCN program, DITA has supported the Food Packaging Industry Coalition.  

As a result of DITA’s oversight and coordination of these and many other topics, our member companies are better prepared to understand and fulfill their responsibility as members of the global chemical industry.

  • DITA has also given high priority to the promotion of ethical, beneficial and responsible performance of its member companies.  In this regard, DITA has established policies covering:
    • antitrust guidelines
    • a member “code of conduct”
    • a “conflict of interest” policy
    • a voluntary member audit program

The goal of DITA is to not only apply these standards to its members, but to encourage the application of these standards throughout the defoamer industry.  

ODG is a proud member of DITA and believe that it pays dividends to us as well as our customers.  

We know that we can best fulfill your defoamer and specialty chemical requirements.  Contact us now so that we can get started.