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Why should you use defoamers?

Why should you use defoamers?

  • To improve process throughout
  • To reduce pump cavitations
  • To prevent losses due to product overflows
  • To improve sanitation and safety
  • To fill containers to capacity 
  • To improve mixing and blending

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ODG’s Work in the Agricultural Industry

Organic Defoamer Group manufactures a wide range of defoamers and antifoams for use in the production of fertilizers and in the formulation and compounding of pesticides, herbicides and adjuvants/surfactant concentrates.  ODG also provides tank-add defoamers and antifoams for use in the field.  ODG will work with our customers to make sure that our product performs optimally in our customer’s specific use.  Whether our customer is concerned with the defoamer integrating into their herbicide concentrate or worried that the defoamer will clog spray nozzles during fertilizing, ODG will make sure our customer’s needs are met.

ODG also carries a line of silicone surfactants to aid in dispersion.