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How do we find the right defoamer for your process?

How do we find the right defoamer for your process?

Here are some of the questions we want to answer when starting the defoamer selection process:

  1. What is the primary cause of foam generation?  
  2. Is there a primary agent causing the foam?  
  3. Where is the foam occurring?
  4. What is the process temperature?
  5. What is the pH?
  6. What are the regulatory requirements?  
  7. Are there religious requirements? 
  8. Do we need to consider downstream processes?
  9. Are there any chemistries that are not allowed?  
  10. Do you have a defoamer addition system?

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Organic Defoamer Group, Chemical Manufacturer for the Food Industry

Fruit and Vegetable

As a chemical manufacturer, Organic Defoamer Group offers a wide range of antifoams and defoamers for use in fruit and vegetable processing as well as juice production.  Foam build-up during fluming, washing, slicing, processing and packaging can interfere with throughput and efficiency.  ODG products also aid in foam control in retort systems as well as bottle washing. 

Potato Processing 

Organic Defoamer Group makes products that do a superior job in controlling the foam caused by the release of starches, sugars and proteins from potatoes during processing.  Our defoamers and antifoams control foam build up in flumes, and peelers.  Whether you produce French fries, chips, dehydrated, or fresh pack potatoes, ODG will make the best defoamer for your system.

Through on-site testing and factory trials, ODG will make sure that your defoamer works best in your system and is properly applied.

Meat and Poultry Processing

Chemical manufacturer, ODG, produces both silicone and non-silicone defoamers formulated for use in multiple processes in the meat, poultry and egg washing industries.  Organic Defoamer Group makes a wide variety of silicone compounds, concentrates and emulsions for rendering applications.  ODG also offers non-silicone defoamers perfect for blood processing as well as de-hairing, de-feathering and egg wash applications.

Cheese and Dairy

The proteins and sugars contained in milk provide a perfect environment for foam production during processing.  As a chemical manufacturer, ODG creates multiple silicone and non-silicone based defoamers that work well in dairy processes, especially whey concentration.  Controlling foam in slurries, concentration and evaporation is essential for process optimization.  Our products are approved for microfiltration systems.


Organic Defoamer Group’s silicone and non-silicone products are used extensively in the beverage industry.  Our products are used in the pasteurizing, fermentation, evaporation, bottling and waste applications.