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Get the most bang for your buck!

Get the most bang for your buck!

To best control foam and control costs you need to pursue the best defoamer feeding mechanisms.

After you find the best product, you need to add the right amount of defoamer to the correct feed point.  If you do not optimize your defoamer addition system, you send money down the drain.

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Organic Defoamer Group Equipment

Organic Defoamer Group works with our customers to design and install equipment for feeding the products we supply.  Our philosophy of feeding the correct product to the correct place must also be matched with equipment that can reliably dose the right amount over time.  ODG works primarily with A & F Machine products for our chemical dosing equipment.  A & F makes equipment that can be finely tuned, is consistent, and can stand up to the rigorous environments we service.

Contact Organic Defoamer Group about your chemical dosing needs.

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