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How do defoamers work?

How do defoamers work?

In general, a defoamer is a product that is not soluble in a foaming media and has surface acting properties.  

Some defoamers with very low viscosities spread rapidly on liquids with foamy surfaces.  They destabilize foam and cause bubbles to rupture on the surface of the liquid.

Some defoamers reduce the viscosity and elasticity of the liquid surface by destroying the structures that hold the foam bubbles together.  Insoluble substances cause a reduction in foam elasticity and cause the bubbles to pop.

Still other defoamers form monolayers on a liquid surface that replace foam stabilizing surfactants.  They reduce surface tension and stop foam growth.

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Industries Served by Organic Defoamer Group, ODG

Food Processing – Food Grade Defoamers 

Food Processing covers a wide range of markets and applications.  Organic Defoamer Group has the experience and expertise to create the proper foam control products and other specialty chemicals to all facets of the food processing industry.   ODG’s products include food grade defoamers that are Kosher which conform to the most rigorous regulatory requirements and are Kosher-certified through the Scroll K.  Discover more about ODG’s work for the food processing industry.

Sugar and Sweeteners

Organic Defoamer Group has a long history of service to the sugar and sweetener industry.  ODG carries a wide variety of food grade defoamers as well as other products for beet sugar processing, raw and refined cane sugar processing and artificial sweeteners.  ODG’s foam control, clarification and crystallization products will help any sweetener producer refine their bottom line.  Additionally, Organic Defoamer Group produces Kosher defoamers and antifoams, all Kosher-certified through the Scroll K.  Read further about the antifoam and defoamer products made for the Sugar and Sweetener Industry.

Grain Processing

Whether you are processing corn, soybeans, wheat, sorghum, rice, oats or any other grain ODG has the products you need to control foam.  We understand the needs of wet corn milling versus soy protein isolation or rice milk production.  ODG will specify the correct food grade defoamer or antifoam  to work in your process without negatively affecting your finished good or other downstream processes.  ODG products are Kosher administrated by the Scroll K.   See Organic Defoamer Group’s Grain Processing Industry page for more information.

Mining - Antifoam and Defoamer Products

ODG has made mining a priority in our organization.  Through hands-on work with our mining customers we have developed formulas that lower operating costs and increase production efficiency.  We provide antifoam and defoamer products, flocculant and coagulant formulations (both powders and emulsions), crystal modifiers and other processing aids for the mining industry.  Learn more about how ODG’s Mining Industry Products can help you.


More and more the world is turning to fermentation to provide solutions to the world’s problems.  The traditional fermentation marketplace of enzymes, citric acid, amino acids, ethanol and pharmaceuticals is being joined by plastics, fine chemicals and a host of advanced biofuels.  The employees of ODG have a long standing working relationship with the fermentation industry to provide foam control products that increase processing efficiency without harming the cultures.  Read more about what ODG offers to the Fermentation Industry.


ODG manufactures products for use by suppliers to the agricultural marketplace as well as for use by the farmers in the field.  Whether you are manufacturing fertilizers or pesticides or applying those materials through sprayers from your tractor, ODG manufactures a wide range of antifoam and defoamer products for you to use.  Learn more about ODG’s Agriculture Industry Products.

Water / Wastewater Treatment

ODG carries a host of products for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater streams.  Organic Defoamer Group supplies multiple antifoam products, defoamers, coagulants, flocculants, antiscalants, dispersants and odor control formulations.  We look forward to working with you to find the best product for your application.  See the Water/Wastewater Treatment Industry page for additional information.

Petroleum and Gas

ODG has formed partnerships with oilfield and gas processing product manufacturers to service the chemical needs of downhole drilling operations as well as natural gas processing and oil refining.  We want to support the domestic petroleum and gas industries.  ODG wishes to do our part for energy independence by supplying the industry with cost effective products and solutions.  Discover more about what Organic Defoamer Group is providing to the Petroleum and Gas Industry.

Kosher-Certification: Kosher Defoamers and Antifoams

At Organic Defoamer Group, we are proud to produce Kosher defoamers and antifoams to a variety of industries.  All of our products follow the guidelines set out in the CFR Title 21 173.340 and, conform to Kosher regulations, both Chometz free and Kosher for Passover.