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Why should you use defoamers?

Why should you use defoamers?

  • To improve process throughout
  • To reduce pump cavitations
  • To prevent losses due to product overflows
  • To improve sanitation and safety
  • To fill containers to capacity 
  • To improve mixing and blending

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Organic Defoamer Group’s Products

Our focus is on foam control products and technology, but we are not limited to that range.
To better serve our customers, ODG supplies many different chemicals that compliment our core business. Below is a list of just some of the products we handle.


Water based, Oil based (Mineral and Vegetable), Alcohol based, Organosilicone Emulsions, Silica/Organosilicone Emulsions, Silicone compounds, Esters, Polyols, Synthetic/Polyol Emulsions, Synthetic/ Polyol Blends, Wax Emulsions, Both in liquid and powder form


Products for sugar processing, water clarification, and fermentation 


Scale inhibition for sugar processing, mining and industrial processes


For cleaning organic and mineral scale as well as carbon deposits from evaporation systems, heat exchangers and other process equipment

Fermentation Nutrients

Ammonia, urea, and fats for fermentation nutrients and carbohydrate sources


Silicone, synthetic and organic food grade and non-food grade surfactants

Crystal Modifiers/Pan Surfactants

For mining and sugar processing applications 

Odor Control

Ferric and ferrous compounds for wastewater clarification and odor control


Kosher dextranase, amylase and invertase for sugar processing applications 

Natural Charcoal

Bovine bone charcoal as provided by our partners, AMERICAN CHARCOAL COMPANY