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ODG wants to refine your bottom line.

ODG wants to refine your bottom line.

The first sugar cane was brought to the New World by Christopher Columbus after a stopover in the Canary Islands during his historic voyage.  Our history in the sugar industry does not go that far back.  However we do have a long history of commitment to the sugar industry.   

ODG President, Bob Hatch, has been a supplier and supporter of the sugar industry since the 1980’s.  Bob has always made the sugar industry the focus of his endeavors during all phases of his professional career.   That commitment to sugar and other sweeteners is alive and well with ODG.  We are constantly working to improve defoamer technology and better serve our customers.    

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Organic Defoamer Group in the Sugar and Sweetener Industry

Organic Defoamer Group offers a wide range of products for the sweetener industry.  ODG provides superior performing antifoams/defoamers and other process aids for the beet and cane sugar, fructose and non-caloric sweetener industries.  

Due to the wide variances in processing environments, especially in beet sugar factories, our defoamers are formulated for both cold and hot processes.  Our products also exhibit great stability in low temperature storage conditions that are prevalent in beet sugar processing areas.  

Our products follow the guidelines set out in the CFR Title 21 173.340 and, conform to Kosher regulations, both Chometz free and Kosher for Passover.      

  • Beet End Defoamers
  • Sugar End Defoamers
  • Flume Defoamers
  • Pan Surfactants
  • Flocculants/Clarification
  • Antiscalants
  • Enzymes
  • Bone Charcoal - Sourced from AMERICAN CHARCOAL COMPANY
  • Odor Control
  • Pellet Mill Oil
  • Non-Caloric Sweeteners
  • Wet Corn Milling Defoamer